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Invest in the Next Generation...You don't have to be a math wiz or an english professor to help out a kid. You can help him or her by reading through a book or hang out with them while they work on homework. It's only 30 minutes each week.

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Choose an opportunity you would like to be a part of

Mentoring - If you like to play games, talk about your weekend, and encourage kiddos, mentoring is for you! Mentors spend their time listening to students, motivating students, and encouraging students. Mentors help students gain confidence and social skills to succeed in life.

Classroom Help - If you just want to be there to support a teacher, grade papers, make copies, or work on a bulletin boards, this option is for you! Classroom helpers are there to help and support the teacher in the classroom!

Tutoring - Do you want to help a kid achieve academic gains in the classroom this year? Tutors help students gain confidence by helping with homework, reading, and math facts.


Choose an elementary school you'd be interested in serving at